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Supporting Toddlers with Autism in Responsive RelationshipS.

The STARS program of KC KIDS, began in 2004 to address the growing number of children diagnosed with Autism.  

KC KIDS STARS is an in-home individualized intensive behavioral program for young children with a diagnosis of Autism or children who are at risk for autism.  Individualized behavioral therapy programs are developed that incorporate one to one discrete trial format and incidental teaching within the family’s routines.  These specialized behavioral programs address the acquisition of the necessary skills (functional, adaptive, behavioral, social and communication) children require to participate in self-care, community and family routines. Families are an integral part of the KC KIDS STARS program and are welcomed and encouraged to participate in the therapy sessions to the maximum extent possible. 

The KC KIDS STARS program is based on the National Research Council study on effective programming for children with autism.  Some of these important components are:

  • Start Early- Beginning early makes a difference
  • Individualized - Programs are tailored to the unique learning needs of student
  • Intensive - Programs are intensive in hours and engagement
  • Staff Training - Highly trained and experience with children with autism

The KC KIDS STARS team includes Individuals who are Board certified in Behavioral Analysis (BCBA), registered behavioral therapists, Special Education Teachers, Speech Therapists and Psychologists to assess and design individualized programs to meet children's unique needs.  The KC KIDS STARS staff also partner with school based programs to coordinate children's learning needs in many settings, home, school and community.

If you suspect your child might have autistic symptoms, please call with any questions to the main office.  559 305-7130.  The KC KIDS STARS program will take referrals and coordinate with agencies to complete necessary assessments to determine eligibility.