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KC KIDS Preschool Program provides special education services for preschoolers 3-5 years olds.  The KC KIDS preschool team support student success at many levels and in many settings, collaborating with local preschools to find the least restrictive setting where children can learn and grow. 
If you have a concern about your preschool age child's development, call the KC KIDS office.  Referrals can be made during the KCUSD school year by calling our main office at 305-7130.  The preschool intake coordinator will complete initial screening over the phone.  The preschool team will then follow up with parents about their child.  If children have delays or are at risk for delays, the KC KIDS preschool team may provide supports in the classroom or connect with other agencies for those supports, complete further testing if necessary. 
We want to see every child succeed and be ready for kindergarten!
Contact the KC KIDS Preschool Team:
Referrals:  559 305-7130
Preschool Teacher: 559 305-7198