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Success Stories

Welcome to the Parents Corner!
We want this section to be for & by parents.  If you would like to contribute a story or something important you learned in your journey as a parent with a child with special needs we would love to hear from you!  Below is a story that one parent has shared with us just this week.

Thanks for sharing your great ideas with other families.  Parents, if you have questions or need ideas of how to help your child learn and grow, call us at KC KIDS.  We work with the most creative and wonderful families who teach us something everyday.

When you share a success it is doubled, when you share a burden it is cut in half!                

Please email me your story!  kaprielian-f@kcusd.com

Or send it regular mail: 
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Little Sheila  runs around the grassy area at Reedley Beach delighting in how fast she can move; going up and down the hills with all of us running after her.  Sheila a 2 1/2 year old toddler is excited because it has only been a week since she has been walking.  The previous week Sheila could only get around her house by crawling.  She now uses a special walker that she pulls behind her.  Her physical therapist at KC KIDS Ann and Sheila's mom decided to try this kind of walker  just to see what she might do.  At the previous week's  home visit,  Ann brought the walker to the home so little Sheila could try it out; to see if it might give the stability she needed to get upright and walk.   Sheila's  Mom had the great idea to take the walker to the park so Sheila could get lots of practice on solid surfaces and just be free to go where she wanted, but be safe too.  Because Sheila is now upright she is experiencing her world very differently than before, when she was only on the floor.  She interacts with other children her own age, she can walk up to a table and play or eat a snack.  Her whole world is wide open now.  Sheila's mom really had a great idea, sometimes we don't think of practicing outside with special equipment such as a walker.  Mom knew her child best and made the effort to give it a try.   We never know if something works until we try it!